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067. Following your intuition to grow a successful brand with Veronika Payne, founder of Ora Ana

067. Following your intuition to grow a successful brand with Veronika Payne, founder & designer of Ora Ana

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Have you ever just had a little feeling deep down inside that you knewwww you had to pursue an idea or passion? You weren’t sure why or how...but your gut was saying YES! That’s exactly what happened to our guest, Veronika Payne.

From deciding to switch colleges to surround herself with the energy & passions she craved to having an epiphany at the jewelry counter at Bloomingdales, this fierce model-turned entrepreneur has been following her intuition from Day 1 to grow a unique and beautiful jewelry brand, Ora Ana.


You don't want to miss:

Dos and donts when developing your own product
How the Ora Ana community has grown her brand
The truth behind “saturated” markets & how to really stand out
Breaking limiting beliefs from corporate to ditch imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur

Resources from this episode:

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Show Notes:

  • From Maryland to NYC: following her intuition to be surrounded by her love of fashion

  • The trip to Bloomingdales that changed everything

  • How Veronika went from a jewelry assistant to jewelry designer

  • “Be an informed customer.” Advice to women who want to make their own product

  • Your customers become your community: How Veronika engages the OraAna community and how community has impacted her brand

  • A male dominated industry: how OraAna has made a unique space in the jewelry world

  • How to find your unique voice

  • Advice on pushing through imposter syndrome

  • Where to connect with Veronika

  • The SXS Rapid Fire Question Round

About Veronika...

“I am the designer and founder of Ora Ana, where each piece starts as just a thought, transforms into a sketch, then spec, and finally a wearable piece of jewelry. I attribute my love of design to a fluke shopping trip in SoHo, where I spent hours creating & unraveling the backstories of the jewelry on display. Now, the pieces I create lend themselves to celebrating the stories of my clientele.”

Ora Ana is a collection of 18k Gold Plated and Silver, Simple, Bold & Overstated, Next-Level Jewelry.

We Remind Women that they are Worthy of Appreciation Now and Not “When”.

Aspirations Drive us; however, this Moment of Our Journey is Worth Celebrating.

In English ”Ora Ana” translates to “No One”. In a world seemingly full of self-promotion, we are no one, our customers are everything.

Connect with Veronika:


Ora Ana Instagram

Veronika's Instagram


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