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"How did you get to your current jobs and positions?"



The road to our jobs as a full time brand photographer and full time home health speech pathologist...and SXS co-founders


What does a full time brand photographer & full time speech pathologist have in common? Other than being your SXS cofounders, we’ve both spent years to reach goals and have gone through a few transitions. Read on for more!

Anna Laura:

Growing up, I wanted to be the next Martina McBride... that's what you get as an Arkansas farm girl! Turns out, my steering wheel is pretty much the only thing that wants to listen to me sing. As a creative kid, I started a scrapbooking business and always carried a camera in my hand, but I never considered that I could actually do that when I "grew up"! Speech-language pathology seemed like the right fit for me when I got older: work with kids, do it from anywhere, be in a health/helping profession... then I got to grad school. Day 1: "I can't do this the rest of my life." I stuck through grad school and 2 years of working with the pediatric population while building a network marketing business and online fitness program. The entire time I was building my "fitness empire", I had more people reaching out about photography and site design than about health, so I decided to listen and go where I was being called: Brand Photography for Women-Owned Businesses!


I thought I was going to be a forensic scientist, until I took advanced chem😖. I volunteered my summer in high school at a camp for deaf children. One of the counselors was a #speechpathologist. After researching what an SLP does - I was immediately hooked! I thought I was going to work with deaf and hard of hearing kids...until I actually worked with kids🥴. College introduced me to work with stroke patients. Grad school introduced me to work with brain injury patients. And it was then, I knew I wanted to work with adults. I’ve worked in subacute care, assisted living facilities - and now my favorite setting yet - home health! It took a move to a new city, 3 interviews over 2 years, working jobs I didn't love, and a strong will to keep trying for me to get to the position I have at Penn Medicine at Home today. Throughout these career changes, I dabbled in network marketing which sparked the entrepreneurial bug! Anna Laura and I met while we were both transitioning outside of network marketing and soon SHE x SHINES was born!


The road to your dream career or position often isn't a straight line. It zigs, zags, circles, and looks a little like a kindergarten drawing. But we've learned with focus, a willingness to accept unsuccessful attempts in the pursuit of growth and change, and not judging ourselves - we've been able to create a professional life for ourselves we are really proud of.

Drop us a comment on IG if this was helpful for you and let us know what changes you'vw faced on the road to your biz, brand, or career!



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