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PHL Galentine's Society Session at Davio's Restaurant: Feb 2020


SHE x SHINES presents the Society Sessions: an intimate evening of masterminding, growing with women in your local community, and bubbly, that highlights female professionals and entrepreneurs in their city's top restaurants & boutiques.

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This PHL February Galentine's Society Session took place at Davio's Restaurant in Center City with self-made entrepreneur and owner of (Philly favorite) Vacay Beauty, Sasha. 

Sasha used her experience in the corporate world of marketing to grow a thriving business. When she decided that she wanted to make her 'beauty mark’ on the Greater Philadelphia area, she knew she wanted to offer something unique: Fake sunless tans with real ingredients.​ Vacay Beauty's mission is to empower glow getters to love the skin they’re in and embrace a “vacay state of mind” through their top quality products and education-first approach. That means you get more than an ordinary spray tan - they provide their clients with a healthy transformation for their skin, body, and confidence.

During this business mastermind, our SXS Society was given the opportunity to prepare questions for and learn from Sasha, SXS co-founder Alex, and their local SXS Society, while also receiving a sneak peek at the SXS ACADEMY... with a glass of bubbly in hand! 

In attendance were local business owners, influencers, career women, side biz queens, and women ready to connect with and learn from their local fierce crew, because at SXS, we grow together!

Here's what some of the ladies had to say:

"Thank you for creating this safe space for us women to get together + embrace our vulnerability."
"I love [SHE x SHINES] and can't wait for more!"
"Such a great night with an absolutely stellar crew! Love you all!"
"I had so much fun with all of you ladies. Amazing event! ❤️"

Not only did we get the chance to dive in to the delicious truffle fries & prosciutto flatbreads, and snap some photos together, but we also had a business & professional mastermind session!

Here are some key takeaways & lessons from our mastermind:

  • When you're unsure about sacrificing your time and things you love to work on your business or career, ask yourself "What demon do you want to slay today?" (total badass Buffy vibes, right?!)

  • Keep visual and written reminders for your "why", to keep things in perspective on those less-than-great work days.

  • Overwhelmed with the idea of a strict morning and evening routine? Consider picking one activity to stay consistent with in the AM or PM like a cup of coffee or writing out your to-do list for the next day.

  • New and still learning? It's okay to mess up and make mistakes. Hold on to the positives that happened during the day. Think about what you did right vs. everything that went wrong.

  • The things we focus on, we create. Not in a woo-woo way, but if you constantly tell yourself "no" or "I'll never," you'll be more hesitant to take the necessary steps to reach your goal.

  • Avoiding the daily drama & being a source of positivity was a favorite way for the ladies to stay on top of their game at work and in their career.

At the end of our session (and before heading to the downstairs bar to continue the conversation!), we shared some of favorite ways to dive into professional development & self care. Want to check out the books, shows, and podcasts our Society Session members are into? Take look at the list below!


We had so much fun at our Galentine's night in Philly and hope to see you at the next Society Session! Make sure to check out our event schedule to see where we're headed next!


Drop us a comment if you'd like to bring a Society Session to your city, with the help of founders Alex & Anna Laura, or check out our upcoming events! this was helpful for you and let us know what changes you've faced on the road to your biz, brand, or career!



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