Pinterest as a Traffic Driver with Allison: SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

Meet the SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

Allison Hodges

Life & Style Blogger, The Savvy Camel

The Savvy Camel is a life and style blog that started as a creative outlet. My mission is to encourage women to make an effort to love themselves exactly as they are. I deliver the message of self-love by sharing a mix of the beautifully curated with real life. I want women to know that, sometimes, putting on a good outfit or stepping into a beautifully decorated room in their home can be the confidence boost that they need.

I always thought that in order to be a successful blogger, I needed to have 100 thousand followers on Instagram and get thousands of likes. Instead, I've found that Pinterest is a great place to reach the inspiration seeking woman that I speak to everyday. Likewise, my blog has given me the opportunity to be a freelance content creator for brands and businesses that allows me to flex the creative muscles, generate income, and build a strong portfolio and network.

ABOUT THE COURSE: Pinterest as a Traffic Driver for Your Brand

In her course from the SHE x SHINES Academy, learn from Allison as she shares why Pinterest is the next platform you should utilize to grow your brand. You'll receive valuable tips on how to create and optimize your content for Pinterest, and the resources that will allow you to scale your brand on this platform!

Join Allison as she helps you master the exact steps she used to diversify her platform as a successful blogger with over 1.6 million monthly views on Pinterest.

Learn more about the SXS Academy here, and take Allison's course! And be sure to check out Allison on The SHE x SHINES Podcast, where we dive even more into this course and more tips she has on how to become a more captivating and effective public speaker!

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Pinterest as a Traffic Driver with Allison: SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

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