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How to Balance Your Career with Side-Business Goals

“I gotta question for ya...”

We get so many questions about how we met, where SXS came from, where we’re headed, etc, and we want to give you the scoop! Over on our IG and our YouTube channel, we introduced a Q&A segment -- SXS Style! 60-Second Rosé Ramblings!

Between being a wife/business owner & fiancée/career woman, we’ve had to learn a lot about “balance” and what it means for our careers and business. We can't wait to hear your thoughts on this topic! (P.S. This question comes from our girl, @lizwearswhat!)

✖️ “How Do We Balance Career & Side-Business Goals?” ✖️

Click below to watch as we attempt to answer this (totally unrehearsed!) in under 1 minute! ⏰ And be sure ask us your questions here, or slide into our DMs, and we’ll feature you + your questions in a quick, 60-sec video!

What do YOU want to know? • Drop your biz or lifestyle questions below to be featured in an upcoming #RoséRamblings video! 🎥


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