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Creating a 5-Year Vision in a Time of Uncertainty

“I gotta question for ya...”

We get so many questions about how we met, where SXS came from, where we’re headed, and more... and we want to give you the scoop! Over on our IG and our YouTube channel, we introduced a Q&A segment -- SXS Style! 60-Second Rosé Ramblings!


@d20theory asked us: ⠀

✖️ “Where do you see yourselves and SHE x SHINES in 5 years?" ✖️

This question happens to be her favorite as a hiring manager. At the time of recording, Anna Laura was moving from Philadelphia to Texas the very next day, and didn't yet have a mailing address, which made answering this question difficult! lol

As for SXS, we have a clear vision of where we are headed, which is essentially a global takeover of Connection, Community, and GirlTalk... with a glass of champagne in hand!


Watch as we attempt to answer this question (unrehearsed!) in less than 60 seconds! ⏰ And be sure ask us your questions here, or slide into our DMs, and we’ll feature you + your questions in a quick, 60-sec video!

What do YOU want to know? • Drop your biz or lifestyle questions below to be featured in an upcoming #RoséRamblings video! 🎥



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