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Scared of Changing Your Audience? Read on.



Getting over the fear of changing your audience or market, in your business


“I’m afraid I’ll lose my current clients if I decide to take on a new customer base.”
“I’m worried about finding customers if I niche down too much.”
“I don’t want to alienate my clients during a change in my services.”

Over the last few months while building the Academy and talking to our enrollees - we’ve seen a common story emerge and wanted to share some advice, since we’ve been there too girlfriend!

Anna Laura:

When I decided to pursue photography, I told my husband, “I only want to work with women entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners.” I was warned by other photographers that “weddings are the only way to really make money.” ...But the thing I hear most when I'm on a call with a potential client is: “I really love that you only work with branding photography, instead of weddings and things. I feel like you really understand what I need for my business.” And that’s because 100% my specialty, and bc Y’ALL, I DO GET IT! By not trying to serve everyone, I’m able to understand and attract my ideal client, and serve them well. 


I can totally relate to this. Within the last few months, I’ve decided to start sharing more speech-therapy related content on my personal page. Rather than trying to run a large lifestyle-type blog that appeals to all women, I now focus on sharing life as a speech pathologist in the city who is engaged and runs a business on the side. It’s not for everyone, but for the people it is - I’m excited to connect with them and provide advice on the situations they can relate to! Continue to focus on providing value to the people you want to help rather than worry about losing followers. It’s all part of the process of defining who you are and what your business or brand is about.


Your clients/followers/customers feel how you want them to feel. So if you’re worried about alienating them, don’t alienate them. Tell your clients nothing will change and they can expect the same level of service - but you are expanding who you serve.

You can even offer your clients something during this change (i.e., one bonus service add on for 1 month, 10% off for booking the next month, a refund for any change in service) to solidify client retention!

Drop us a comment on IG if this was helpful for you and let us know what changes you're going through in your biz, brand, or career!



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