Speak It Out with Shelby: SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

Meet the SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

Shelby Wildgust

Founder, Naked Networking Events

I like to think of myself as equal parts entrepreneur & employee who thrives in the chaos of both! My mission is to create and cultivate offline and online communities for both women and men to step into their most authentic and raw power.

In the corporate world, I work as a coach & speaker on topics such as leadership development, sales management, confidence, professionalism, and embracing your inner power. I'm also the founder of Naked Networking, a Philadelphia-based series of events that has a unique 'no makeup' policy, which is backed by an environment of inclusion, authenticity, & deep connection.

Outside of my professional mission(s), I'm married to the love of of my life. My husband and travel often, love the outdoors, and are almost always laughing!

ABOUT THE COURSE: 5 Tips to Rock the Stage From the Boardroom to Your First Event

In her course from the SHE x SHINES Academy, Shelby demonstrates 5 tips that will build your foundation as a successful public speaker. This course will show you:

  • how to deliver your message with confidence in your monthly office meetings, trainings, networking events, or large scale audience gig!

  • the mindset behind spekaing

  • public speaking preparation techniques

  • how to captivate and engage your audience during your talk

Learn more about the SXS Academy here, and take Shelby's course! And be sure to check out Shelby on The SHE x SHINES Podcast, where we dive even more into this course and more tips she has on how to become a more captivating and effective public speaker!

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5 Public Speaking Tips: How to captivate your audience as a public speaker

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