Successful Selling on IG Stories with Kristen: SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

Meet the SXS Academy Guest Lecturer

Kristen Kacinski

IG Strategy Queen & Coach

I'm a corporate escapee, as well as Instagram & business coach for other coaches in the health & wellness space, who specializes in helping new online coaches with less than 1,000 followers get paying clients from Instagram.

I'm also the creator of the IG Story Bootcamp: a 5-day Challenge which has helped my clients sell out their offers using IG Stories in a matter of days.

My mission is to empower women who feel stuck in their corporate jobs build a service based business with their gifts so they can create a full time income doing what they love.

ABOUT THE COURSE: Successful Selling on Instagram Stories

In her course from the SHE x SHINES Academy, Kristen shares how to build know-like-trust with your followers using IG stories. Kristen will also teach you how to master creating connection and sellable content through my signature IG story formula and strategy. Join her as she walks you through:

  • content planning

  • educating & entertaining your followers

  • selling through stories

  • and more!

Learn more about the SXS Academy here!

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Successful Selling on IG Stories with Kristen

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