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Your Mess Becomes Your Message

Ready for some GIRLTALK?

Join the convo as we share how our mess became our message:

Anna Laura // 10 years ago, I lost my oldest brother Tyler in Afghanistan. Nothing can prepare you for something like that... frankly, nothing can ever fully heal you either. It just changes you at your core. But that made me who I am today, and you know, I guess I’m grateful for that. I do believe we’re given these experiences for a reason: our struggles can become our triumph, our failures can become our unique strengths, and our challenges can ultimately unite us. Our stories can ensure us we’re never alone in anything we face.⠀

Alex // As I have finally felt like my life was falling into place at 30, it is simultaneously fraying at the edges where my family is concerned. I’ve had to redefine the parent-daughter relationship as my 30s have been helping my parents with their mental & physical health rather than plan a wedding, share our new home, and even the ins and outs of SXS. It’s been weird, stressful, & tough but I’ve learned a lot about speaking up for my emotional well-being and doing things for myself & not to please others. If you’re also struggling with the “typical” family relationship, know that you can redefine what daughter, sister, & aunt means as you grow into a new you and life. Tough times may be ahead queens, but we’ve got this!

Yes, you have a message, a lesson learned, a wisdom someone else needs. Today, we encourage you to share it with us below — with pride and gratitude.

#SHExSHINES #livewithpurpose #shareyourstory #HonorTheFallen

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