Group Coaching Powerhour

How to Connect & Sell in the DMs
(without being salesy!)
Group Coaching & Live Q&A Masterclass

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 | 7pm C/8pm E

Business is hard... especially when you're doing it yourself.

You're wondering,

"Does anybody want what I have to offer?"

"Am I going to confuse people with this idea?"

"Is anybody listening? Do they even care?"

Girlfriend, you are so not alone.

Turning your passion into a profitable business can feel overwhelming and leave you with squirrel brain... we know. That's why we are here to help you find your focus, plus save you time & energy with this Group Power Hour, all about selling with confidence in the DMs, featuring our signature 3-Step Clarity Equation.

During this Power Hour, we'll use our Clarity Equation to help you to define what makes your business stand out, so you can connect with & sell your ideal human. 

"No one has time to Google ALL the things. Thank you ladies for making it easy & fun to connect with women who are all pursuing entrepreneurial passions. So happy I found you two to help me go from idea & doubt to small steps & action."


Jaennika J.

SXS Coaching Client

Healthcare Admin & Leader +

Host, Essential & Empowered Podcast

More about Anna Laura & Alex


After connecting via the DMs, Anna Laura (an introverted serial entrepreneur and  award-winning brand photographer) and Alex (a multipassionate career woman with a passion for entrepreneurship), these women realized the need for more real talk around the highs, lows, and strategy of growing a business, and true community. They joined forces and created SHE x SHINES, which has since evolved into the SHE x SHINES community, events, a top podcast, and cable TV show.


The SXS founders are here to help multipassionate business owners like you lay a strong foundation, gain clarity, and take action... with a glass of champagne in hand! 

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how does it work?

In this Power Hour, we will help you:

  1. identify your unique ideal customer or client

  2. nail your elevator pitch

  3. we'll share how to sell in the DMs (minus the ick factor), including our DM templates (which we'll also show you how to use!)

  4. after, the mic is yours to ask your burning questions, like:

  • Can I make money from this idea?

  • How can I turn my current following into customers?

  • How do I manage my business while juggling the other roles in my life?

  • How can I market my business with more ease (on a budget)?

  • How can I combine all my ideas into a single, cohesive business?

  • How can I get my business in front of more people?

Be prepared to walk away with the confidence to talk to anyone about your business without the “deer in headlights” look. 

"Anna Laura & Alex helped me form more focused and targeted messaging for my brand.  The call... was icing on the cake as I got to receive custom feedback and live a Q&A session. Fabulous and extremely valuable experience all around!"

Holly S.

SXS Coaching Client

Healthcare Strategy & Operations

at Skinner Solutions

"If you haven’t had a session with our lovely hosts Anna Laura & Alex, I highly recommend it. They helped me narrow down my target audience and I updated my mission statement to fit, and I feel so much more focused now."

JAN21 IG posts (1).png

Sharana C.

SXS Coaching Client

Forensic Scientist & Beauty Enthusiast,

Self Care Community for Women in STEM 

"This is truly amazing and I appreciate all of the details. I can't wait to put this plan into action. :)  Thanks for taking the time to meet with me and share all of your knowledge. It means a lot to me!"

Olivia B.

SXS Coaching Client

Acute Care SLP & Content Creator @medslp_collective

what's included?

60-MINUTE VIRTUAL GROUP CALL with Alex & Anna Laura

- typically $295/hour -

During our masterclass, you'll take part in an intimate group strategy session to determine your ideal human, nail your elevator pitch, and walk away with DM templates to simplify connecting & selling in the DMs. You’ll also



After the training, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions,  dive deeper, and receive personalized feedback. (This is why we're limiting spots to only 10, so everyone has a chance for 2:1 coaching! 


- value: $210 -

While note-taking is encouraged, if you missed something or want to go back for review, you'll be able to whenever you'd like! Immediately following our conversation, you'll receive the video recording of your call.


- value: $175 -

If you save your seat by 5/23/21, you will also receive a special bonus guide: all about The Dos and Don'ts of Networking to Land your Dream Clients. No matter if you're extroverted or introverted, we know you'll find this guide so valuable!