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with The SHE x SHINES Show on Comcast RISE

The SHE x SHINES Show is now available on all-new Comcast RISE, featuring conversations with women who have been there, built that, and are paying it forward to help take you behind-the-scenes on building a business & brand community that shines. On the show, you'll find endless resources, actionable advice, and a support squad to cheer you on and give you insight as you grow through business (and life!).

The cornerstones of Comcast RISE are Representation, Investment, Strength and Empowerment. RISE is invested in the success of small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic, such as Black-owned & BIPOC businesses, women-owned businesses, and more. The destination is complete with a collection of small business news, tips, insights and more to help small business owners grow by empowering them through education, inspiration and entertainment.

We are so honored + proud to be part of this initiative, as the mission of @shexshines has always strived to create an inclusive space to uplift + support female entrepreneurs + professionals. 


How To Watch:
With Comcast:

Just say “Comcast RISE” into the remote,

and view the show in the “Inspire” section!

Don’t have Comcast? 

Watch here!

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