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VIP Private Mentorship

This is the most intimate, personalized coaching you can get with us... perfect for the multipassionate woman with an entrepreneurial spirit. You have a good understanding of what your brand stands for and what you want to offer, buttt you're frustrated with where your business is currently. You feel like you've spent a lot of time, energy, and money on an idea that hasn't shown a lot of return.

Using our Passion-to-Profit Playbook, we'll show you how to connect with your clients in a new way and create an offer they're obsessed with! Learn more how our customized plan covers the one thing most multipassionate entrepreneurs miss...

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"After connecting on Instagram while growing separate businesses, we realized the need for more connection with a like-minded community, plus real talk around the highs, lows, and strategy of growing a business."


Anna Laura & Alex created SHE x SHINES in 2018, which has since evolved into the SHE x SHINES community, a top podcast, and most recently is one of the two talk shows on cable TV centered around female entrepreneurship (now streaming on Comcast RISE!).


We're here to help multipassionate business owners lay a strong foundation, gain clarity, and take action... with a glass of champagne in hand! 


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